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"Is absolutely refreshing to see people again taking civic pride in a public edifice like Maine's Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory. Carol put a huge amount of positive energy into the porject and really helped shape that image, now and for the future."

Tim Hall, MPA
Regional Manager
Maine Department of Conservation





The Company

Carol Morris, President, is a 25-year veteran of virtually every aspect of communications. Starting her career as a corporate PR manager for a national insurer, Morris moved into the fast-moving bank marketing arena during its 1980s retail heyday.

As the decade wore on, the banking industry went from boom to bust, and Morris found she had a talent for dealing with crisis as she was tapped to coalesce the very different cultures of three merged banks into one. As the world of banking became more settled, Morris leapt into the next frontier of public scrutiny: health care. With Hillary Clinton advocating national health care and managed care becoming a household word, Morris took on the role of spokesperson and communications director for Maine’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan. During this tumultuous period, she honed tactics for dealing with angry customers, empowered health care advocates, concerned employees and a very active media.

Eight years later, the same merger and acquisition fever that had swept the financial services sector reached the health care industry. When Indianapolis-based Anthem became the new owner of Maine Blue Cross, Morris decided to diversify and spent the next six years working for a Portland communications agency, where she was able to manage a client base that included universities, environmental groups and transportation and land use projects for the Maine Department of Transportation.

In January of 2007, Morris started a company specializing in communications projects requiring a complex focus on strategic outcomes, people skills and media expertise.

To Morris, a service-oriented approach is key, both to clients and constituencies. Towards that end, she handles most personal contact herself, having developed a cadre of trusted subcontractors for specialized support in the areas of web interface, graphics and administration.

Morris Communications is certified as a DBE in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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