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Make your job easier. Hire Morris Communications.

Hiring the right communications firm is an important decision. Morris typically works on a project basis, and after an in-depth discussion of your issues, will provide you with a detailed proposal for discussion and review.

The proposal can include whichever of the following services are needed to achieve the success of your project.

Public Involvement: We use multiple tools to pull in the broadest possible participation in today’s busy world: public meetings, advisory committees, strategic stakeholder meetings, speakers’ bureaus, informal 1/1 meetings, web sites, mailings. Meet NEPA requirements and beyond. »Top

Facilitation: Keeping a meeting or group interaction on track and productive, regardless of competing agendas. »Top

Media Relations: Building a positive relationship for your organization with key media, creating press conferences, acting as 24/7 interface for media calls and as spokesperson as appropriate. »Top

Message Development: Creating a credible, compelling message for your organization as the first building block of an effective communications program. Includes message development, talking points and speechwriting. »Top

Public Relations and Related Events: Making your organization’s case to the public with special events and educational programs designed to engage the public and create press attention. »Top

Crisis Communications: Developing a crisis plan before it happens, helping your management team deal with crisis both during and after. Includes media strategy, press conferences, talking points, spokesperson training. »Top

Internal Communications: Creating an internal communications plan to take advantage of your most effective advocates. Employees can create a word-of-mouth ripple effect that increases your success in good times and turns the tide in bad ones. May include presentations, executive speeches, videos, scripts, and email / intranet content. »Top

Web Interaction and Advocacy: Developing a web site that works for both your organization and your stakeholders. »Top

Collateral and Graphic Services: Providing the back-up written materials and handouts that support your project. »Top

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