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"Carol's ability to unite a broad range of interests and opinions is unmatched in the public involvement field. She is adept at working and communicating at every level of the public spectrum"

Paul Godfrey, PE
Associate Vice President
HNTB Coporation






Like most organizations, yours holds a public responsibility. Along with that responsibility comes concerned stakeholders. And an alert press corps.

In today’s environment, media, advocacy groups, even individual bloggers are all poised to keep an active accounting of an organization’s actions. A proactive communications and public involvement strategy can improve your relationship with these key stakeholders, increasing your success in achieving an approved project, enhancing public support for your organization or creating positive media coverage.

Morris Communications’ philosophy is simple. Whether your need is media relations, public affairs or public involvement, success is based on understanding opposing points of view and presenting a balanced, understandable perspective. This, along with a personalized, highly service-oriented approach, allows Morris to build relationships that communicate the client’s point of view to diverse groups with maximum impact and understanding.

Our company hallmark is service, both to you and to the stakeholders who can hold your success in their hands.

A closer look: the value of public outreach

Transportation and land use planning literally “hits close to home” for those living in the impacted community. Imagine a new road, bridge, tollbooth, or major shopping center being built without public input. Developers and planners can quickly find themselves in an “us against them” situation characterized by hostility and mistrust. The process becomes negative, with an end result that may not serve the local good.

How Morris Communications transforms unproductive conflict into constructive discussion with expert public outreach:

  • Put complex plans and technical details into plain language, so members of the public have a clear understanding of your project.
  • Listen closely to people’s concerns and ideas – let them be heard. Even if they aren’t happy with the eventual outcome, they will feel the process was fair and inclusive.
  • Take the time to get to know key stakeholders one-on-one. Your stakeholders can be your strongest public champions and will help ensure success and buy-in.
  • Accurately and effectively capture the extensive documentation that may be legally required for your project. Let Morris Communications handle meeting minutes, presentations, status updates, and project websites.
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