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Martin's Point Bridge Replacement Project

CHALLENGE: The Martin’s Point Bridge is an aging bridge connecting the City of Portland with the Town of Falmouth on heavily traveled Route 1. The old bridge’s design was outdated and replacing the bridge was seen as an opportunity to improve upon its functionality for all modes of travel. The bridge is an important connection between the two municipalities, and a major visual component of the residential neighborhoods on either end and the health care facility on the Portland side..

STRATEGY: Morris was the primary contact for the media, the Advisory Committee and the general public throughout the project, available at all times to answer questions.  She organized and facilitated the Advisory Committee, a strong group of stakeholders that included nearby residents, bike/ped advocates, Martin’s Point Health Care, other businesses, and the two municipalities. All had been very active in the lengthy pre-construction planning process. The Advisory Committee exerted a strong influence on the design of the new bridge and continued to be a strong voice during construction. Frequent communication with Advisory Committee members helped to maintain feedback and ultimate satisfaction with the end result.  Advisory Committee members were comfortable in their role, presenting and explaining the reasons behind MaineDOT’s and the committee's decisions at the final public meeting.

RESULTS: The Advisory Committee is moving into its final meetings with strong support of the new bridge’s functionality. The new bridge is is scheduled to open in early 2014.


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